Lending Center Included


  1. We both must be online if you want to borrow anything
  2. You are to return my items/pets within 15 minutes unless otherwise told
  3. Any lose of item (including not buying a required item from me fast enough) will result in you replacing it.
  4. You are not allowed to send my items/pets to anyone else. You are to use them to get the avatar and send them back immediately. If your friend/family member wants to borrow they can contact me.
  5. If you steal anything you will be reported!!!
  6. There will be no breaking up lending sets (ex: pearls & gumballs). If you only need a few items from a set that does not change the amount for tip.
  7. You must Mail first!!! Make sure to make a list of the items you want to borrow with the prices listed next to them and stat in your mail that you understand that you are only borrowing my items/pets

                                 ex: i would like to borrow the following items:

                                            - Tut: 10k
                                            - Gumballs: 100k
                                            - Alen: 500k
                                            - ect...

    I understand that i am only borrowing the items/pets listed above...