Lending Center Included


 Here you will find various Guides to help you navigate around Marapets ... including Avatar Solutions and my own Lending Center.

 Please make sure to read the rules before contacting me about the ALC. Once you have put together a list of Items and/or Pets you would like to borrow my username is spiceoloidmime and you can maramail me to borrow.

To help insure that the information provided is as accurate as it can be please help with the following:

  1. Mail me New Avatars Solutions if not already available on site.
  2. Contact me if you find anything that needs Correcting. Examples are broken/wrong links or corrections to solutions.
  3. Notify me know if an avatar is Broken or Fixed.

News Updates

February 9, 2020

For the time being I am not updating ever page on my site. The new avatar solutions will be available on the newest avatar page.

I have been noticing over time some avatar solutions need updating and I am working on get my guide slowly corrected. It is very time consuming and for many of you you are already aware I have a full time job and currently going to school for my MBA. I will try to get everything back to normal for all my visitor asap.

In the meantime, I can always use your help identifying any errors or updates that are needed. Marapets has changed a lot in just this past year alone. Please send over a maramail if you spot anything.

Thank you :-)